The Sprinklers


Hand-crafted, ornamental and functional, these beautiful artisan sprinklers are made of polished copper and individually blown glass balls or globes, so no two sprinklers are identical. Each is a unique work of art! As each glass ball or globe is unique, every sprinkler is a one-of-a-kind work of garden art. When revolving, these water sprinklers are striking and simply mesmerizing to watch!

 Water pressure is the force that rotates the sprinklers' copper hoops, creating a twisting, twirling and rising whirligig of wonderful and whimsical waterspray.  As the two copper hoops rotate independently, spinning in opposite directions, they throw a fan-like pattern of water in a revolving motion that, when the sunlight is right, will create rainbow effects in your yard. Each colorful glass ball or globe is fade resistant and wrapped in copper. 

As the hoops spin the copper and glass will catch the sunlight, glinting and glittering and sparkling. And as they rotate, the two copper hoops go in-and-out of synchronization, creating a mesmerizing optical illusion and providing you an ever-changing visual dynamic. Simply, they are stunning and stimulating to behold. I promise, you will never tire of watching them.


Even at rest these sprinklers attract the eye with their smooth composition, simple shape and delightful design. They will make a distinctive sculptural addition to your garden or yardscape.


With one of these sprinklers running in your yard, traffic will stop to watch. Yours and every child in your neighborhood will want to have fun playing in its spray. Dogs will spend countless hours chasing after the water!

The diameter of the spray pattern will depend on your water pressure, with over 30 feet achievable. The water coverage within the spray pattern is complete, so they perform perfectly as an actual sprinkler, able to gently water your garden plants and yard. 
For optimal sprinkler performance it is strongly recommended that you have at least 50 PSI water pressure.

Each sprinkler comes fully equipped and includes a sturdy long-lasting four-prong steel base providing solid stability, a standard 3/4" hose connector, and the 30" copper pipe stand.

The sprinklers stand 48" tall ,with the outer hoop about 18" in diameter, and the inside hoop about 11" in diameter. The glass globes are ~6".

I offer a one-year warranty on my sprinklers. I take pride in my quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. With proper care, you will receive many years of pleasure in owning a sprinkler or be proud to give one as a gift.


Download easy care & maintenance suggestions here