Frequently Asked Question's

Q: Do you actually make these sprinklers?
A: Yes, your sprinkler has been made by the Steve, owner/artist, in his shop in Bothell, WA USA

Q: What is my sprinkler made of?
A: Copper and steel and brass, with handblown glass. The glass balls are made mostly in Poland

Q: How far will my sprinkler spray water?
A: Your sprinkler requires at least 50 psi of water pressure at the sprinkler-end of a hose, and with that, the spray will be 15-25’ in diameter, depending on your pressure adjustment

Q: Will my sprinkler be heavy?
A: It will be about 10 lbs in total weight, and separates into three pieces for ease of moving it

Q: How do I care for my sprinkler?
A: Refer to the 2-page care and maintenance guide for everything you need to know 

Q: Can I leave my sprinkler out year-round?
A: Your sprinkler will withstand freezing temperatures, but care should be taken in extreme weather. Avoid any location where branches may fall on it, and bring it inside if concerned

Q:  What happens if my sprinkler breaks? 
A: Your sprinkler is well-made and with proper care should last years. I offer a one-year warranty on all parts but the glass. However if something happens everything is repairable, and glass balls can be replaced  

Q: Are all the sprinklers the same size?
A: Yes. The only difference is the color of the glass balls

Q: Do you ship? Is local pickup available?
A: I provide flat rate ground shipping to anywhere in the continental US for only $9.99. Express shipping is available at additional cost, priced at checkout. Local Seattle-area pick up in Bothell is available as an option at checkout

Q: I love mine!! Can I leave a product review somewhere?
A: Yes!! Simply use the QR code below or click on the Google link at the top of the page to leave a Google review. Thank you!


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