Beautiful and Functional Artisan Garden Sprinklers
Handcrafted of Copper and Glass

No two sprinklers are identical - 
Each is an individual and unique work of art!

Hoppy's Garden Art, as featured on The Grommet

Welcome to Hoppy's Garden Art, your online source for artisan copper garden sprinklers!

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Due to the cancellation of garden art shows, I'm offering my show
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We make hand-crafted-in-the USA pieces of art: garden and yard sprinklers that have mesmerizing inter-playing, whirling and twirling graceful sprays of water emanating from spinning copper hoops, enclosing a colorful and vibrant glass ball or globe wrapped in copper. As they spin, the copper hoops independently counter-rotate, seemingly changing direction, creating an whimsical and alluring optical illusion. They're kinetic, dynamic and amazing to watch!

These ornamental art pieces offer a decorative fully-functional watering presence while adding dimensional beauty to your garden year round. They look good at rest or play!

Browse our pages, watch the videos and images, and find the sprinkler that is perfect for your own yard or garden space, or as an wonderfully unique gift to your favorite gardener.