Beautiful and Functional Artisan Garden Sprinklers
Handcrafted of Copper and Glass

No two sprinklers are identical - 
Each is an individual and unique work of art!

Welcome to Hoppy's Garden Art, your online source for artisan copper garden sprinklers!

Here you will find hand-crafted-in-the USA pieces of art: garden and yard sprinklers that have mesmerizing inter-playing, whirling and twirling graceful sprays of water emanating from spinning copper hoops, enclosing a colorful and vibrant glass ball or globe wrapped in copper. As they spin, the copper hoops independently counter-rotate, seemingly changing direction, creating an alluring optical illusion. They're kinetic, dynamic and amazing to watch!

These ornamental art pieces offer a fully-functional watering presence while adding dimensional beauty to your garden year round. They look good at rest or play!

Browse our pages, watch the videos and images, and find the sprinkler that is perfect for your own yard or garden space, or as an wonderfully unique gift to your favorite gardener.


Summer time is here! That means gardening and water-play!

May 28, 2015

Over the years, I've had many customers stand and watch one of the sprinklers in action at my vendor booth, literally with their mouths hanging open. (I take that as a compliment!) They say, "Wow, wouldn't that be a much cooler sprinkler for the kids to play in that that cheap ol' plastic thing we have?"   It's true. These sprinklers beautiful water action and wide spray attracts kids from all of the neighborhood, and it stops traffic on your streets. Friends will gather around and watch as all the kids run around and through the cooling spray. Laughter and merriment will be the result of todays' sprinkling :) Trust me, and watch the video! :)

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Are you looking for Hoppy's?

March 09, 2015

Our spring and summer show schedule is now available on the Events page. At each show I'll have a variety of beautiful and colorful sprinklers set up for display and browsing, just waiting to be selected for your garden! At some shows, depending on the layout, a sprinkler will be up and running with water, allowing patrons to walk through, kids to play in, and dogs to scamper around! Come and cool off on a hot day! See you at a 2015 show :)

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Looking for a cool gift for your favorite yard, garden, or gardener?

November 13, 2014

Holiday season is approaching, and if you've been stumped on what to select as a cool and unique present, might I suggest --- the gift of mesmerizing and hypnotic beauty? Imagine the bright smile when the gift of a Hoppy's blown glass and copper sprinkler is opened, and an even bigger smile when you first watch it in action!  With a wide selection of beautiful, colorful blown glass available and in stock, you're sure to find the one perfectly suited for you or your special someone. Check out the catalog pages, watch the videos, and take advantage of our winter sale: 15% off and free ground shipping*!  Use code "15%&Free"  *free shipping means ground shipping to the continental US. The...

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New and beautiful glass colors available!

July 08, 2014

This weekend at the Mercer Island festival (see the Events page), I'll have on display brand new colors of glass globes, all wrapped in copper and ready to spin in your yard or garden! Blues, silvers, greens, reds and more, many that are not pictured (yet) here on the web site. It's going to be HOT! Get a sprinkler and get playin' in the water! Try it with ice cream! Try it with a beer!  See you this weekend for a great show with lots of food and fun activities.

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